"I love Drawnames.com.au! It's made the holidays so much easier! My friends and family love it so we use it every year now. Keep it up!"


"A coworker used this service at work. I was so pleased that i used it with my family. We enjoyed the process and I will definitely use Drawnames.com.au next year!"


"This was the first holiday season where we were literally scattered across the country. We knew we weren't all going to be in one place for Christmas as we had been in previous years. This was the perfect way to continue our Secret Santa tradition. We had loads of fun, thank you."


"I love Drawnames. It makes Secret Santa so easy to do. I like the exclusion feature that allows certain people to not be able to draw certain names. Just great! Thank you!"


"We love the service and will definitely be back. We especially liked the ability to ask anonymously for gift lists."


"We LOVED the website: that we didn't have to log in, that the website took care of exclusions (I wouldn't draw my husband, etc.), and that wish lists were so easy to update. Even the non-tech people in my family found it easy to use. Thank you!!"


"I absolutely love your website :) I use it for every gathering, Christmas, mothers group, birthdays....and also the new link you have created makes it very easy to use."


"This is my 3rd or 4th time using DrawNames and it continues to be a success. I love how I can be the organizer of a gift exchange and also participate using this service!"


"Thank you! Your easy-to-use site has made the holidays so much easier!"


"Great website! Have used it multiple times and its ease of use makes it possible to get the older generation involved."


"Awesome site. Made our companies gift exchange so easy & stress free. Great job!!!"


"It's really useful especially for large groups who can’t possibly meet up to physically draw lots!"


"This was very useful. We always draw names and now some of the family lives out of the country, so I am so grateful for the site."


"This is fabulous 😎 I have used you in 2 years and everything works out perfectly 😊 Love the interests and hobbies plus the group discussion section. Thank you so much 😊"

Hayley Gravener

"The website is fantastic, it made it extremely easy for me to organise Secret Santa for my friends. I like the reminders sent via email too. I have no suggestions! Thank you."


"Hi your service is excellent, we have finished with the draw now and it certainly achieved our aim. I will be back again ready for Secret Santa next year."

Alison Mollison

"No suggestions for improvement. We love the draw names service - works perfectly."


"Draw names made my job so easy! Thank you."

Sharon & Jim

"I love DrawNames!!! I found you a few years ago and have been using it for our family Christmas exchange ever since. We used to do the names on the slips of paper but that required everyone being in the same room. With relatives out of town, that wasn't always feasible. This is so much easier and the gift list is just perfect. You thought of everything...from the exclusions options to the anonymous question capability. We will be using for years to come. Thank you for a wonderful, easy and fun service!!!"


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